Panoramic views from the Midi Terrace at the Monaco Grand Prix.
Look down on the most famous corner in motorsport

Fairmont Stadium Seats

Watch the weekends racing from the comfort of your reserved Fairmont Stadium Seat in the specially constructed Fairmont rooftop grandstand. Enjoy unobstructed views of the technical Fairmont Hairpin which is known for its 'thrills and spills.' A giant screen is located adjacent to the terrace ensuring guests keep abreast of the action elsewhere around the circuit. A casual poolside buffet luncheon is served which compliments the relaxed atmosphere found on the terrace.

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Get close to the action at Rascasse

La Rascasse

Rascasse is one of the most famous corners in the world of motor-racing and offers incredible views of the track as the cars race round the building. Watch as the cars exit the swimming pool section and race directly toward Rascasse before rounding the building just meters away.

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The best panoramic views in Formula 1 - the Ermanno Palace

Ermanno Palace VIP Suites

With breath-taking views over more than half of the track our 5* suite in the Ermanno building offers one of the best views of the famous Monaco circuit. From our private balcony guests can see: the tunnel exit, Chicane, Tabac Corner, swimming pool section, start/finish straight, Sainte Devote Corner, Beau Rivage climb and the giant harbour screen.

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Superb views of the Fairmont Hairpin

Fairmont VIP Suites

The Fairmont VIP Suites allow guests to experience the iconic Monaco hairpin from the comfort of a private hospitality suite, capturing the entry, apex and exit of the hairpin. The hairpin is a very technical part of the circuit where the drivers have to concentrate hard – every year there is an incident of significance that happens at the hairpin making in one of the most famous corners in F1™.

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Superb panoramic views from the Midi Terrace

Midi Terrace

The Midi Terrace in the 5* Hotel Hermitage which offers stunning views over the track and harbour from viewing terrace. Enjoy high speed race viewing as the cars exit the first corner at Sainte Devote and race up the Beau Rivage hill. This venue offers a superb buffet luncheon served in the hotel's Eiffel Mezzanine restaurant.

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Trackside super yachts are a unique viewing point for Monaco

Trackside Superyacht

Monaco Harbour Hospitality Yacht: Our tri-deck yacht offers a luxurious experience for the Monaco Grand Prix weekend. The spacious decks are ideal for watching the racing from whilst you soak up the atmosphere of the most amazing race on the calendar.

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