The Historic GP weekend sees stunning cars take to the iconic circuit.
Towards Mirabeau

Joel Robuchon Restaurant Terrace

A 2-Michelin Star restaurant that will be serving some of their finest food, to compliment a view of the track that is inaccesible to the public.

Your package includes lunch in the restaurant (you may be sat on the terrace) together with a limited drinks package. Your view is from the terrace - of the track from the footbridge through to Mirabeau Corner.

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Stunning interior of the Salle Empire

Salle Empire

The Salle Empire is a fantastic event space and terrace fronting on to Casino Square - below our fabous Garnier Suite terrace.

Guests will dine from a luxurious Hotel de Paris buffet-style lunch, enjoying premium seating positions on the terrace itself.

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Superb luxury buffet at the Fairmont Suites

Fairmont VIP Suites

The Fairmont VIP Suites allow guests to experience the iconic Monaco hairpin from the comfort of a private hospitality suite, capturing the entry, apex and exit of the hairpin.

The hairpin is a very technical part of the circuit where the drivers have to concentrate hard – every year there is an incident of significance that happens at the hairpin making in one of the most famous corners in motorsport.

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Superb panoramic views from Midi Terrace

Midi Terrace

A spectacular panoramic view awaits as you head onto the Midi Terrace. Our superb hospitality will include a fine Hotel Hermitage buffet-style lunch, complimentary bar, and the services of our suite hosts.

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The finest food, and views, at the Garnier Suite

Garnier Suite

From the moment you step into the Garnier Suite, you know you are somewhere special. The expansive suite comfortably accommodates our guests, with banquetting tables set for lunch perfect for experiencing the exquisite catering of the kitchens of the Hotel de Paris.

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